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Glenview Jr. Titans Football

Our 2020 Season looks a little different this year.....


Based on the announcement from the Illinois Governor last week, we have been forced to cancel our 2020 Fall Tackle Football Season.   We understand this comes as a disappointment to our Football Family, and we share your longing to play football this fall.


We are currently investigating viable options for an intramural, 7 on 7 touch football program with a helmet & shoulder pads.  This would fall within the safety guidelines for youth sports issued by the Illinois Governor and USA Football.  Click here to see more about this format of play:


We would hope to run a season that would be 5 weeks this fall.  Our offering would most likely involve 2 days a week of practice and one day a week of intramural scrimmaging.  This would be offered at a reduced rate from our full tackle program.  There are many factors that need to be resolved for this to be a viable option.  Most importantly, we want to know if you’d be interested in this type of a modified season.  Please click here to indicate your interest by Sunday, Aug. 9th Please note that filling out this survey does not guarantee we will run the program, or that you are financially committed to participation, it’s just to gauge interest. 


We will release information on if this program will run based on interest from you early next week.  We appreciate your input and patience as we try to navigate the new reality of youth sports programming.


Football Is Family In Glenview.


The Jr. Titans Football Board of Directors



① Kids will learn what being part of a team is all about and make lasting friendships

② Fall is just made for some hometown football!!!!

③ Glenview Jr. Titans high safety standards & procedures.  Our safety record speaks for itself (Heads Up Football –USA Football Program)

④ Kids learn the value of hard work –it pays off!!!

⑤ Everyoneplays–no bench warmers in Glenview!

⑥ Get out of Glenview –we play in a league with local North suburban area teams, but very limited travel

⑦ Passionate, caring, well-trained  & qualified coaches

⑧ Physical strength, endurance, agility, speed, and flexibility - making kids better all-around athletes

⑨ Learn sportsmanship, both from the side of humility and success

Football is Family in Glenview–Be a part of Glenview’s hometown team

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    Safety is our #1 Priority

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