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Glenview Jr. Titans Football


Location: Glenbrook South Practice Fields - Drop off and pick up for practice is at the back lot of the Glenview Community Ice Center (1851 Landwehr). 

Please be mindful of dropping off your players. The Glenview Ice Center has graciously allowed us to use their parking lot and we cannot disrupt their traffic flow. Please park while dropping your players off-please do not stop and let them out which blocks traffic.

Concussion Testing

Baseline testing is required for players who are 12 and older before the first practice. Please email your ImPACT® Completion Confirmation to us before as soon as you have it ( ).  The total time commitment for completing this test is about 35 minutes and you do it on a laptop computer at home.

  • Quiet Room without Distractions​
  • It will take about 45 minutes to complete test
  • Desktop or Laptop Computer for Test​External Mouse Recommended​​ but not required
  • Use Google Chrome as web browser Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari need Pop-Up Blocker Disabled BEFORE navigating to test link
  • Test Link: Https://
  • Code: WE7SKFCXY6
  • Organization: TCYFL
  • Parent/Guardian Assistance with Sections 1 & 2​Athlete demographics and history
  • Select “Enter Additional Demographics” when option provided
  • No Parent/Guardian Assistance with Section 3​ (Test)Read ALL Directions for Each Test Module BEFORE Starting Module!​
  • New Test Module will Begin with Example or Practice​
  • If athlete has a learning disability or reading comprehension difficulty, parent/guardian may assist with clarifying test instructions only! DO NOT ASSIST WITH TEST MODULE ITSELF!
  • Once Test is Completed​Enter Parent/Guardian Email and Send Confirmation​
  • Reference Confirmation Email if Follow-up Testing is Needed in Case of Injury

NorthShore University HealthSystem SportsCare Partnership!

We would like to introduce you to our new partner, NorthShore University HealthSystem SportsCare program. As part of the NorthShore Orthopaedics & Spine Institute, the SportsCare program gives community organizations access to their very own Certified Athletic Trainer and Healthcare Concierge.

What does this mean for you? As a member of the Glenview Junior Titans, if your child or family member has an injury you may contact our SportsCare team for assistance with expedited access to our health system, injury and/or illness guidance, and insurance navigation. This service is free for our members! 

The Health and Safety of our Players is our #1 Priority. 

The game of football has never been safer and we continue to implement new policy creating a better and safer game. Some of our efforts include; certified trainers at all games, restricting contact at weekly practices to a minimum, and continued investment in new tools and equipment to teach proper techniques safely such as Tackle Wheels and the Shadowman Tackling System. All drills are age-appropriate and closely monitored by our certified coaching staff. Our coaches are required to complete yearly certification in Heads Up Football, Advance Concussion Awareness, and attend Positive Coaching Alliance orientation. Our league, YCYFL has one of the strictest safety policies in the country. We continue to be a leader in improving our game to make it safer. Most recently our league has adopted a new modified kickoff rule that will be tested and reviewed. Our sport of football is truly changing to become a much safer game. We invite you to come to visit us at practice and see what Glenview football is all about.


Glenview Jr. Titans Varsity Team 2022 Heavyweight Champions.


① Kids will learn what being part of a team is all about and make lasting friendships

② Fall is just made for some hometown football!!!!

③ Glenview Jr. Titans high safety standards & procedures.  Our safety record speaks for itself (Heads Up Football –USA Football Program)

④ Kids learn the value of hard work –it pays off!!!

⑤ Everyoneplays–no bench warmers in Glenview!

⑥ Get out of Glenview –we play in a league with local North suburban area teams, but very limited travel

⑦ Passionate, caring, well-trained  & qualified coaches

⑧ Physical strength, endurance, agility, speed, and flexibility - making kids better all-around athletes

⑨ Learn sportsmanship, both from the side of humility and success

Football is Family in Glenview–Be a part of Glenview’s hometown team

Scholarship Form Link

Please use this link to find out more information about our scholarship program.

TCYFL 2022 Pac 10 Middleweight Champions!

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