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Football Equipment 2022 Tackle Season


Required Equipment (athlete provided)

Football Helmet (plain white)

Football Shoulder Pads

Football Cleats

Mouth Guard

Athletic Cup/Groin Protector

Padded Practice Football Pants (players cannot wear game uniform pants to practice)

******PLEASE NOTE********  Due to NATIONAL SHORTAGES helmets, shoulder pads at cleats are in short supply.  Please secure your equipment as soon as possible!!!!!

Optional Equipment (athlete provided)

Football gloves


Provided by Glenview Jr Titans

Reversible Game Day Jersey

Game day uniform pants

Game day socks

Game day Compression Undershirt

Practice Jersey

Titan Football Helmet Decal


Tackle Season Equipment Needs

Other Notes on Equipment:

Plain White Football Helmet- We recommend getting your helmet checked every two years.  It is important to have a proper-sized, and custom-fit helmet.  We recommend the following outfitter:






You can also purchase your helmet on your own, at a sporting goods store, or online (Amazon has good options) but please be mindful of having someone help you to ensure a proper fit.   Please note that helmets must be white, but can vary in make, type, fit, depending on your athlete's needs.  

Shoulder Pads- Again, we recommend one of our outfitters for proper fitting pads. As another option, you can purchase these online here or in a sporting goods store (similar to Dick’s Sporting Goods) but please be mindful that a proper fit is very important for safety.

Football Cleats– any you prefer, available online or at sporting goods stores. (No metal spikes allowed)

Mouth Guard – this is a personal preference and can be purchased at any local sporting goods store or online.  Don’t forget this!  Players must ALWAYS have a mouth guard to participate in practices.  It might be a good idea to purchase a spare, as these small items have a tendency to get lost.

Integrated Football Pants - any color for practice (black or white preferred)  You can get these at any sporting goods store or order online (similar to this)  

Athletic Supporter and Protective Cup– can be purchased online or in any sporting goods store.