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Frequently Asked Questions

This page was last reviewed / updated July 9, 2018

Questions about our program

Who can play Jr. Titan Football?
Students in 3rd - 8th grade who live in the Glenbrook South High School District.  This includes students who attend OLPH and are in third or fourth grade, since that program offers football beginning in fifth grade.

What is the time commitment?
Agility practices start in early August.  These are conditioning practices without contact, and without full equipment.  The goal is to participate in three of these practices and then begin practice in your full equipment.  

In the pre-season (mid August - just after Labor Day) expect eight hours per week for practice - four nights a week for 2 hours a night.

After the first games, we typically drop one weeknight practice - usually Tuesday.  If you have a game on a Sunday, you may have a walk-through on Saturday morning.  Walk-throughs generally last 60 - 90 minutes.  On game days, expect to arrive one hour before game time, and spend approximately one hour playing. 

These are general guidelines.  Late in the season, teams may shorten practices, or drop a night.  But during the regular season, you can expect a commitment of approximately 10 hours per week.

How much does it cost?
The season fee is $450 per player.

What team will I be on?  Can I play with my friends?
Teams are divided strictly by grade.  More information can be found here.

If there is more than one team in a division, we try to make sure they are balanced by skill and player positions.  If it is extremely important for you to play on the same team as someone, let us know and we will attempt to honor that request.  But the team comes first, and we are confident that your teammates will become your football family.

Are Glenview Jr. Titan teams competitive?
In 2016, our Heavyweight team was undefeated.  Our Pee Wee team was not undefeated, but was the league champion.  In 2015, our Pee Wee team was the league champion.  Each team is different and varies year to year, but we are definitely competitive in the league.  Teams that work hard together and look out for each other are champions on and off the field.

How much will I play?
In many ways, this depends on you.  Our coaches aim to put each player in every game.  But if you have not been at practice or are not paying attention at practice, you probably won't be playing quite as often.

Where and when are games played?
Games are played in various locations, depending on how many teams are in the league.  In 2016, the farthest location was probably Vernon Hills.

All games are played on Saturday or Sunday.  Your team's locations and times will vary each week.

How many games are in a season?  When is the first one?
More specific information will be coming on this, but it should be 8 games per team.  First games should be starting the weekend of September 8 - 9.

Where are practices held?
For 2018, practices for all grades will be held at Glenbrook South High School practices field, behind the main stadium.

What is your refund policy?
Up until mid August, full refund minus $30.
Before first game is held, half refund.
After the first games of the season, we can no longer offer refunds.

Who are the coaches?
Most of our coaches are the parents of current players.  Some started as coaches when their son played, and have enjoyed the experience so much that they continued after their son graduated out of the program. 

The majority of our coaches played high school and college football.  We try to start new coaches in an assistant position, with the hope that they move up to a head coach.  All of our coaches are recruited by current coaches or board members, and we perform background checks on all of them.