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Calendar for the 2021 Season

Highlights for the season include:

July 26 Week -   M, T, W, Th & F Non-Padded Practice 6-8pm

Aug. 2 Week - Regular Practice M, T, W, Th. 6-8 pm

Aug. 9 Week - Regular practices M, W, Th 6-8 pm

*Our practice fields do not have lights, so as daytime shortens in the fall, we need to adjust for the dark.  Practices will likely move to earlier start times & finish before dark. 

Games will start the weekend of 8/28.  Most games will be played on Sundays, but we may have some scheduled on Saturdays to accommodate field availability.

Teams will have one game per weekend until October 24.  Some teams may advance to playoff rounds and could have up to three weekends of additional games. 

Early November    Team parties – Dates/times/locations TBD


Glenview Jr. Titans are committed to making the sport of football available to all Glenview players, regardless of financial ability.  We feel the benefits of playing football are lifelong and important to the community of Glenview.  Our motto is Football is Family in Glenview.  If you're interested in registering your player, but financial concerns are preventing you from registering, please fill out this form.  All scholarship requests will be reviewed by the Board of Directors, and you will be notified by email if we can award you financial assistance.  Thanks for your interest in Glenview Jr. Titans Football.  

We are excited to get back on the field playing football!  

Football is Family in Glenview.


This will become more  relevant as we build out team-specific calendars.  Until August, pretty much all of our communication will be for everyone.  After teams are established, all will use the calendar feature and you'll be able to filter based on the tags for your specific team.

The calendar displays all of the information based on "tags". Each team has a tag, each division has a tag and each key area of the website has a tag.

  • Click on "Show Tag Menu"
  • Click on the check boxes that relate to the information you want to see. If you click in the "Show All Tags" box, all of the available calendar events will be displayed. If you click "Clear All Tags", all of the boxes will uncheck. This is a quick way to remove all tags so you don't need to uncheck each one.
  • Your internet browser will remember your preferences so the next time you log in on that system, you'll see the same information. If you create a login id, you will be able to log in from any location and see the expected information.
  • Another option is to go to your team page, where the relevant information for you team will always be displayed.

Once you get the calendar customized, you may use the buttons on the bottom to subscribe to the feeds (i.e. bring them into your desktop calendar, or smartphone)!